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Singapore & Dubai Authentic Perfumes

If you ever tried to buy or bought perfumes online, you would definitely have come across the terms Singapore Authentic Perfumes and Dubai Authentic Perfumes. What do these mean and should I care? Yes, you should care!

Singapore and Dubai Authentic Perfumes are actually euphemisms created by unscrupulous sellers who sell FAKE perfumes in order to create confusion in the perfume market and thereby fool buyers into buying their products. These unscrupulous sellers claim that their perfumes are the real thing by using the word "authentic" and that the only difference with authentic perfumes is that these perfumes lasts only up to 5 hours as compared to the real thing which lasts up to 12 hours or even more! As a buyer, you should know that this is a blatant lie! In fact, authentic perfumes rarely last up to 12 hours and perfume longevity varies from person to person and it is not uncommon for authentic perfumes to last just a few hours.

Singapore Authentic Perfumes are actually good-quality FAKES while Dubai Authentic Perfumes are supposed to be better-quality FAKES as compared to Singapore Authentic Perfumes. These FAKES are actually so good that the packaging, the bottle, and even liquid color are copied such that they could be passed off as the real thing if you do not pay close attention to details. So are these real? Definitely not. Upon close scrutiny and comparing the smell with an authentic perfume, even the untrained eye or nose can tell the difference. However, if you have never bought this perfume before and have no reference to compare it with, then you can easily be fooled.

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