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US Authentic Perfumes

US Authentic Perfumes actually means 100% authentic perfumes. These are exactly the same perfumes that you would get when you buy directly from the perfumery section of reputable shopping malls such as SM, Robinsons and Rustan's. This terminology actually came about in order to differentiate 100% authentic perfumes from Singapore and Dubai Authentic Perfumes -- which as we have explained in a previous Blog Guide, are actually FAKES and not authentic as their name implies.

The term US Authentic Perfumes is actually a misnomer since not all authentic perfumes are Made in the USA. There are actually honest sellers who unknowingly label their perfumes as US Authentic Perfumes when in fact they are not Made in the USA -- instead they are made elsewhere such as Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. On the other hand, there are also honest sellers who are aware that not all authentic perfumes are Made in the USA but still label their perfumes as US Authentic Perfumes in order to emphasize that the perfumes they sell are 100% authentic.

As a seller of authentic perfumes since 2005 (long before the terminologies Singapore, Dubai, and US Authentic Perfumes came about), in our opinion the correct terms to use are FAKE for FAKE perfumes and 100% authentic for authentic perfumes. Using the term US Authentic Perfumes just creates further confusion among perfume buyers who are not "in the know". Confusion creates chaos and the only people who benefit from this are the unscrupulous sellers of FAKE perfumes who pass on their items as authentic.

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